Why contractors are NOT designers…

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As I explained before, the guy who built our home was having a very bad “Entourage” moment hoping he was going to sell this house to some cheesy director who passed on living in the Hollywood Hills to be in the Bu… Example:

EEEEWWWWWW! I can’t believe the contractor spent $1600 on this gawd awful piece of glass!!! Now here is what we replaced it with:


 The bolts are gone as soon as my husband brings home the right drill bit so we can countersink and plug the holes. Now was that sooooo hard? This solution, $200 at IKEA, would have saved him $1400. All we had to do was drill the holes. 

The faux finish on the island is still in it’s beginning stages since I have been working on the rest of the kitchen. Dave added trim to the sides and I really love it.





Taking a night off to celebrate

June 10, 2007 - 2 Responses

We took some time off from decorating to celebrate my 42nd b-day at Latigo Kid in Agoura. The best Mexican food, the BEST margaritas ( next to my husband’s-which is very hard to live up to ) and great friends… Tom even came even though he lost his cell phone, couldn’t find us, drove over Malibu Canyon instead od Kanan Dume and got lost. All in all a great time and now it’s back to finishing the kitchen.  By the looks of this picture ( thank god no retouching with photoshop was necessary-not that I would know how to do it anyway ), I think I can wait another year for Botox and put some money toward decorating instead 🙂 Hurray for those ROC creams at CVS!!!

My French Connection

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My $50 Craigslist find is now my French Treasure…just added the gold detail yesterday and I LOVE it!

 Can’t wait to paint nightstands to match!

and since I couldn’t find the sconces I wanted ( I also was tired of looking ), I settled for these Home Depot ones that I faux finished verdigris.


Bedroom Inspiration

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The colors in this picture are further inspiring me to go a little more ornate in the bedroom…

I think I might add a little gold detail on my four post bed similar to the little white bench in the picture below…

Kitchen Update

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So here is the progress on the kitchen.  No stain yet but we are planning to finish the cabinets ( minus the crown molding and the wood detail by tomorrow. ) It’s all on me of course cause hubby is working. When he comes home tonight our project is going to be the glass front cabinet doors. We don’t like the color of the interior of the cabinets so clear glass is out, but is has a coating that works well for cleaning so we want to keep it. Our solution is to put in wood to replace the glass. I personally didn’t want to wait to have 11 cabinet door panels replaced, so my husband went to a supplier of his ( he is in the flooring industry ) and he found wood veneer that you can cut and stick on almost any surface. Think panels on dishwashers, sides of refrigerators etc… It’s brilliant and cost effective. Not to mention a time saver! Now the door will look like solid wood when they are finished. We are also adding a liitle bit of wood detail to the fronts of the cabinets. Similar feel to the pic below but smaller, and simpler not so ornate and “chateau” like…

One thing I am thrilled about is how the granite in this picture is similar to the granite in our kitchen which makes me happy about the decision I made to do the kitchen this way. Honestly, the transformation is incredible already and it is not even done!

We also found the knobs for the cabinet doors at of all places IKEA. They are “pewter” like and oval shaped like the ones on the off white cabinet doors in the picture below. We also found the knobs for the blue island at Home Depot for $1.27 each and the same wide trim on the island too.



We are going  to make the island look like the picture so it will look like a separate piece of furniture. The builder did not create a separate dining area, just an eat-at bar. I swear this guy was building this house for some young Hollywood type, like he thought he was building in the Hollywood Hills instead of Malibu! Anyway, we are going to replace the glass top with butcher block also found at IKEA…another deal at $200!

Can you believe this kitchen looked like it belonged on “Entourage”?

Malibu Mediterranean with a little bohemian thrown in….

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Beautiful vibrant reds always add the “world traveler” to anyone’s decor theme including Malibu Mediterranean. Just look at the beautiful pieces below.


Red is definitely going to be an accent color in the living room beginning with the bamboo table I found …

Here is the inspiration for the master. I love the color of the striped curtains only not so tailored ( and on the windows, not around my bed ) a little more loose and feminine. The bedding i would love to be french cotton and maybe a touch of crotched lace. The pillows are great, but I will use antique floral kimono prints instead of this hawaiian print.


Polyurethane is NOT my friend either…

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It dryed the next morning and made the finish look sooooo yellow. So I had to sand it down and repaint it!
Now I am just going to use paste wax since this is a semi-gloss anyway and is not cleaned with harsh chemicles ( I only use Method…fantastic stuff! ) The molding hasn’t been installed yet and that’s going to be the icing on the cake.


Blue tape is NOT my friend…

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First of all, I would like to say that Melanie fron Design Amour is a funny gal and I love her comments! If I didn’t have a lovely spot in my guest room for that table, my fantastic find ( gilded table ) i would seriously consider selling it to her.
Back to the blue tape…OH MY GAWSH!!!! I finally finished the refrigerator, which BTW felt like I was faux finishing the grand canyon ( glad it wasn’t a SUB ZERO! ). I am finally finished, minus the molding my husband hasn’t brought home yet, and I take off the blue tape and it rips a piece of my drywall down clear to the brown paper!!!!!
All that aside I am very happy with the first part of my kitchen. Now the real fun begins…the rest of the kitchen!



I know the finish is hard to see but I am happy with the results minus the blue tape incident.
I can’t wait to see the crown molding on.

On to more wonderful things…HOUSE BEAUTIFUL magazine was kind enough to email me a copy of an article on L.A. designer Lynn Von Kersting from 13 years ago ( not ashamed of my age I was 29 at the time with two small kids ). Lynn is the owner of the famous restaurants “The Ivy” and “Ivy At The Shore”. She also owns a beautiful store on Robertson Blvd. next to The Ivy called “Indigo Seas”. If you are ever in L.A. you HAVE to go there. it’s like taking a vacation on the island of Capri. This month’s Domino magazine has her book as one of the “must haves”. Pricey at $68 but worth it.

Below are the pics from the article and I will explain what I will take from each one.


This pic is self explanatory…only my adirondacks aren’t as worn out. I will distress them but not as much as these. Love the flower baskets on the stucco. We have a patio with the adirondacks that will look great with those.


LOVE LOVE LOVE THE BEDROOM. I am going to do a similar version for my girls. They are teenagers the giant vintage pillows ( fantastic reproductions are at the Santa Monica Airport Flea Market ) and the leopard lampshade with vintage floral bedding will be fabulous. The other picture of the sitting area will be a version of how I will decorate the downstairs teenager living room ( yes…thank god they do have their own space and that is the reason why we bought this house. )



Extreme Makeover…in my kitchen!

May 27, 2007 - One Response


 Above is the inspiration behind the new picture. This house is an hour away in Santa Barbara. Although our house is only two years old and everything is very new, none of it really fits the mediterranean theme of the house. It also doesn’t fit my taste ( nor my husband’s ) so we are embarking on cosmetic fixes.

The first major area is the kitchen. I am an artist and obviously have done many pieces of furniture, walls etc… I even did our kitchen in our house in Mexico. This however was an issue for my husband ( given the amount of money we paid for this house ) and he wanted what he calls a “professional” to do it. So we got a quote from an artisan who is fresh off the boat from Italy. His specialty is in venetian plaster which he learned from his father and his ancestors all were artisans and did venetian plaster. He even uses the products that the Italian’s use. Not the American stuff. His quote to faux the cabinets was $3500. I waited with baited breath to see what the sample looked like even though I was not interested in paying the price ( when I knew I could do it, but was open to seeing if he had a better look ). I was very surprised when his sample did not compare to the work I’ve done. Honestly, and I am one to admire and compliment , even envy other artists’ work. I knew I was right when my husband agreed. So we went to Home Depot, I loaded up on Ralph Lauren paints and tints ( I haven’t tried the eco-products on these surfaces yet and my husband would not allow experimentation in this process. Needless to say I don’t blame him ). So here are the pics of our current kitchen…







The only things right about this kitchen are the Viking appliances ( even the microwave and dishwasher are Viking ) and the fact that he put in granite ( not my color but I will make it work )…

Remodel starts tomorrow so tune in!

Found Part 2

May 27, 2007 - One Response


This was an insane find today at a garage sale in Hollywood…I don’t make it out there often but this was a hint that I am missing out on quite a bit if I don’t make it out there regularly.
Can you believe this table was $5????


This was an oil I found the other day in horrible condition of course. Now it is refurbished and on the wall in my living room. I antiqued the canvas with Puritan Pine Minwax wood stain and did a distressing to the wood after painting the frame. I also dyed the dirty linen dark brown with a combination of Puritan Pine and paint. The pic is cut off a little but you can see it better at this size.