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Project Ecoart
June 10, 2008


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I am blogging about how creative eco art and fashion can be if you tap into your inner artist ( and activist ).



My new favorite living room
May 5, 2008

Need I say more? True upscale bohemian vibe. PERFECT for Malibu!

This pic is from the April issu of Domino magazine.

It’s been a while…
April 4, 2008

Life has been hectic since launching! We have been so successful that we were named as one of the “Top 20 Eco chic designers and retailers”! Very exciting!!!

So decorating has taken a back seat to deconstructed recycled t’s and such. Check out the blog at Revolution Malibu:

Lot’s of updates there and I will be starting the decorating process again soon here since summer is right around the corner 🙂

New living room pic…luscious!
August 22, 2007


LOVE LOVE LOVING this set-up. The pillows on the couch are a perfect mix. I plan on doing a soft butter color on the walls instead of the pink since I have a beautiful Miro lithograph of my father’s that has a mix of all of these colors-just not the pink ( besides my husband has not given me any grief so far and I would like to keep it that way ).

My chandelier lamp compliments the one here only bigger and my bohemian touch will be my asian tables instead of these morroccan chairs. The velvet tufted ottoman in the center is a neat idea that I am still pondering. I think I might tackle that project only with dark wood legs. What do you all think?




I dig the garden stools to and I will have to figure out how to incorporate them…. Off to the gym. Tommorrow maybe a run downtown to match fabric for the pillows. I will let you guys in on my finds!

Update on the barstools…
June 16, 2007

Finally found the right palm tree. Yeah!!! Now I am really happy with my formerly VERY 80’s barstools… I also found two others with what will be beautiful peacocks that will be detailed by my buddy and business partner Melissa. Can’t wait for her to finish those!

I received my Modellos yesterday and I’m very excited to get the kitchen completely finished so I can do the concrete in the bathrooms! Go to to see all the beautiful possibilities!



French Fun!
June 13, 2007

So I went to Indigo Seas yesterday to buy Lynn von Kersting’s book, came home and decided to alter the color scheme- like adding lots more color. The combinations in her book are very mediterranean because of her travels to Capri and all over the world. Her colors in some areas are a little to India ( Fuschia and chartreuse ) to my taste so we’ll stay away from that and stick to the reds, greens, blues, gold, yellow and the sea tones etc… which leads me to today’s task. While I wait on the rest of the cabinets to be hung I decided to start on the new stools I got…Incredible deal, solid oak and three for $40! They had the look and the feel I wanted and I know I can find the rest ( I need at least 6, maybe 8 total ). Now I am looking to my best buddy for a good idea as far as decoupage in the middle. These stools are going to look like high end French Bar stools and I think roses are too predictable and not really my style.

The beginning of my new French Bar stools…




I definitely have my work cut out for me…literally!
June 12, 2007

Dave brought hhome the right drill bit and got rid of those horrible looking bolts on the the top. Today he’s going to pick up a piece of walnut to plug the holes.

Below the island is another story. The bolts that support will have to stay because of the weight of the butcher block so I will have to rough up the bolts, prime and finish them to look like huge dowels that match the island. Thank god for KILZ primer, I think I should start buying stock!!!

I removed the last bit of hardware with the intentions of getting to the rest of the island done tomorrow and the next day. Dave is going to punch in the little nails on the new trim and I am going to fill them and paint. I found some great stools that I am going to do red and blue ( a crackle and sand finish ). So today I am going to my favorite store Indigo Seas to check out the color palette she has going on and shop.

 AND THEN THER’S THE REST OF THE STORY…here’s a little sampling of what lies ahead for me:


I must say, he did put in nice appliances, showers and toilets. It’s the rest that escapes me completely. I have definitely a lot of work ahead of me faux finishing the concrete in both the guest bath and master bath. Above is the guest bath. While I am okay with the sink stand in and of itself, I will replace the top with granite, and the sink HAS to go ( the faucet with it ). It can’t decide between egyptian or Las Vegas…which style is it? Fire the person who designed that and the faucet!!! How about the space ship on the wall. Nice contradictory in style right? He did that all over the house. Hence the walls sconces in the bedroom that were replaced with the verdigris faux finish ones from Home Depot . ( I still have to replace the crystals with real vintage ones and antique the mirror behind the bulbs .) So the sink I am thinking old copper and the faucet too. The concrete walls I am going to try and convince my husband that the Modello designs at is the right way to go. He doesn’t like busy but these designs are incredible! Plus we have already been appraised at the highest value on the interior so anything we do needs to be cost effective because this is cosmetic and won’t add value to our home.

Las Vegas or Egyptian? Which one????

Here are picks of the master bath. A looooooot of concrete. The shower is a double head and the concrete surrounds the whole bathroom…even where the toilet is!

Jacuzzi in master bath…

Pedestal sinks. There are two of these.

Master shower, There is another shower head opposite. BIG area to faux finish. Then after all of this is done, I have a two bedroom “apartment”  ( the house is a four bedroom three bath, but the kids are on the lower level and have a kitchen, living room and separate entrance  which I highly reccomend for families with teens- it would save A LOT  of marriages) where the teenagers are that needs to done. There is concrete in their bath too 😦

Why contractors are NOT designers…
June 12, 2007

As I explained before, the guy who built our home was having a very bad “Entourage” moment hoping he was going to sell this house to some cheesy director who passed on living in the Hollywood Hills to be in the Bu… Example:

EEEEWWWWWW! I can’t believe the contractor spent $1600 on this gawd awful piece of glass!!! Now here is what we replaced it with:


 The bolts are gone as soon as my husband brings home the right drill bit so we can countersink and plug the holes. Now was that sooooo hard? This solution, $200 at IKEA, would have saved him $1400. All we had to do was drill the holes. 

The faux finish on the island is still in it’s beginning stages since I have been working on the rest of the kitchen. Dave added trim to the sides and I really love it.




Taking a night off to celebrate
June 10, 2007

We took some time off from decorating to celebrate my 42nd b-day at Latigo Kid in Agoura. The best Mexican food, the BEST margaritas ( next to my husband’s-which is very hard to live up to ) and great friends… Tom even came even though he lost his cell phone, couldn’t find us, drove over Malibu Canyon instead od Kanan Dume and got lost. All in all a great time and now it’s back to finishing the kitchen.  By the looks of this picture ( thank god no retouching with photoshop was necessary-not that I would know how to do it anyway ), I think I can wait another year for Botox and put some money toward decorating instead 🙂 Hurray for those ROC creams at CVS!!!

Found Part 2
May 27, 2007


This was an insane find today at a garage sale in Hollywood…I don’t make it out there often but this was a hint that I am missing out on quite a bit if I don’t make it out there regularly.
Can you believe this table was $5????


This was an oil I found the other day in horrible condition of course. Now it is refurbished and on the wall in my living room. I antiqued the canvas with Puritan Pine Minwax wood stain and did a distressing to the wood after painting the frame. I also dyed the dirty linen dark brown with a combination of Puritan Pine and paint. The pic is cut off a little but you can see it better at this size.