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Kitchen Update
June 8, 2007


So here is the progress on the kitchen.  No stain yet but we are planning to finish the cabinets ( minus the crown molding and the wood detail by tomorrow. ) It’s all on me of course cause hubby is working. When he comes home tonight our project is going to be the glass front cabinet doors. We don’t like the color of the interior of the cabinets so clear glass is out, but is has a coating that works well for cleaning so we want to keep it. Our solution is to put in wood to replace the glass. I personally didn’t want to wait to have 11 cabinet door panels replaced, so my husband went to a supplier of his ( he is in the flooring industry ) and he found wood veneer that you can cut and stick on almost any surface. Think panels on dishwashers, sides of refrigerators etc… It’s brilliant and cost effective. Not to mention a time saver! Now the door will look like solid wood when they are finished. We are also adding a liitle bit of wood detail to the fronts of the cabinets. Similar feel to the pic below but smaller, and simpler not so ornate and “chateau” like…

One thing I am thrilled about is how the granite in this picture is similar to the granite in our kitchen which makes me happy about the decision I made to do the kitchen this way. Honestly, the transformation is incredible already and it is not even done!

We also found the knobs for the cabinet doors at of all places IKEA. They are “pewter” like and oval shaped like the ones on the off white cabinet doors in the picture below. We also found the knobs for the blue island at Home Depot for $1.27 each and the same wide trim on the island too.



We are going  to make the island look like the picture so it will look like a separate piece of furniture. The builder did not create a separate dining area, just an eat-at bar. I swear this guy was building this house for some young Hollywood type, like he thought he was building in the Hollywood Hills instead of Malibu! Anyway, we are going to replace the glass top with butcher block also found at IKEA…another deal at $200!

Can you believe this kitchen looked like it belonged on “Entourage”?