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Finally on to the drapes…
September 23, 2007


While this kitchen has been a ridiculously looooooong project especially because of the teenage drama this sumeer and desperately trying to finish the site, I am happy to say that i am finally on to the drapes. Earlier in the year when I began this project I had the fortune of aquiring some old photos of Lynn Von Kersting’s work that was not included in her book. I love the book but it really didn’t give a lot of kitchen inspiration. So when I received the pics from one of the editors at House Beautiful I was thrilled.

I am using a very pale butter yellow ( almost cream ) color for the walls and I think I am going to have to use a little less red given the french blue island I now have. Not too many florals either. A balance between subtle florals, a little leopard ( that leads into the living room ) and some french blue checks.


OK so it’s been a while…
August 22, 2007

Is the kitchen done? Not quite, but in spite of all the teenage drama this summer, and the 24 hr  plus days with building, it’s getting there. The molding took a back seat to a new stucco perimeter wall being built and a new electric front driveway gate. What a difference a gated property makes. Not only in appraisal value but in appearance. From middle class to upscale IMMEDIATELY. So amazing. Below is my progress. Don’t be critical….There’s more to come…


Still waiting for the crown molding to go up…


Base molding not nailed in yet…



A few knobs the hubby hasn’t put up yet…


Regular updates coming plus the new inspiration for the living room from this month’s Domino. Not far from the old pic but a little more elegant.

It’s been an exhausting week…
June 21, 2007

Driving kids to and from school ( the “beast” as we call it, a 2001 lifted Ford Excursion broke down this week and it was the primary teen vehicle), getting the website pages done for the new ( opening June 29 and will be released to the media July 9th ) blah, blah, blah…

Here are some updates on the kitchen that should’ve been done two weeks ago but family gets in the way ( including a husband with the flu all last week and he is NOT a good sick person ).

My hands are raw from the sanded finish I am doing on the cabinets. I started in the beginning just wiping on a stain, but after experimenting, I like this finish better. The Ralph Lauren “stain” is not really like the real stuff, so I switched that too.

My partner in Eco Faux is Melissa and she turned me on to an acrylic that is used to mix with faux finishes and I love the matte finish it gives to the cabinets. So now I will never have the polyurethane issue again. It’s always great finding out what others have used and it worked out. No smell, it’s great stuff.


Do you love the medallions? I do. So glad I saw the pic that gave me the idea. When these guys are finally done, crown molding and all, they will look incredibly custom.

Onward and upward…Dave is bringing home the veneer for the back of the upper cabinets. At first he didn’t think it would matter but I told him since he was busting my chops to make sure the finish looks “expensive”, we need to finish the cabinets correctly.

So I can finish the upper cabinets this week. THANK GAWD!!!!!

Extreme Makeover…in my kitchen!
May 27, 2007


 Above is the inspiration behind the new picture. This house is an hour away in Santa Barbara. Although our house is only two years old and everything is very new, none of it really fits the mediterranean theme of the house. It also doesn’t fit my taste ( nor my husband’s ) so we are embarking on cosmetic fixes.

The first major area is the kitchen. I am an artist and obviously have done many pieces of furniture, walls etc… I even did our kitchen in our house in Mexico. This however was an issue for my husband ( given the amount of money we paid for this house ) and he wanted what he calls a “professional” to do it. So we got a quote from an artisan who is fresh off the boat from Italy. His specialty is in venetian plaster which he learned from his father and his ancestors all were artisans and did venetian plaster. He even uses the products that the Italian’s use. Not the American stuff. His quote to faux the cabinets was $3500. I waited with baited breath to see what the sample looked like even though I was not interested in paying the price ( when I knew I could do it, but was open to seeing if he had a better look ). I was very surprised when his sample did not compare to the work I’ve done. Honestly, and I am one to admire and compliment , even envy other artists’ work. I knew I was right when my husband agreed. So we went to Home Depot, I loaded up on Ralph Lauren paints and tints ( I haven’t tried the eco-products on these surfaces yet and my husband would not allow experimentation in this process. Needless to say I don’t blame him ). So here are the pics of our current kitchen…







The only things right about this kitchen are the Viking appliances ( even the microwave and dishwasher are Viking ) and the fact that he put in granite ( not my color but I will make it work )…

Remodel starts tomorrow so tune in!