It’s been an exhausting week…

Driving kids to and from school ( the “beast” as we call it, a 2001 lifted Ford Excursion broke down this week and it was the primary teen vehicle), getting the website pages done for the new ( opening June 29 and will be released to the media July 9th ) blah, blah, blah…

Here are some updates on the kitchen that should’ve been done two weeks ago but family gets in the way ( including a husband with the flu all last week and he is NOT a good sick person ).

My hands are raw from the sanded finish I am doing on the cabinets. I started in the beginning just wiping on a stain, but after experimenting, I like this finish better. The Ralph Lauren “stain” is not really like the real stuff, so I switched that too.

My partner in Eco Faux is Melissa and she turned me on to an acrylic that is used to mix with faux finishes and I love the matte finish it gives to the cabinets. So now I will never have the polyurethane issue again. It’s always great finding out what others have used and it worked out. No smell, it’s great stuff.


Do you love the medallions? I do. So glad I saw the pic that gave me the idea. When these guys are finally done, crown molding and all, they will look incredibly custom.

Onward and upward…Dave is bringing home the veneer for the back of the upper cabinets. At first he didn’t think it would matter but I told him since he was busting my chops to make sure the finish looks “expensive”, we need to finish the cabinets correctly.

So I can finish the upper cabinets this week. THANK GAWD!!!!!


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  1. Hello I love your blog and all your decor choices. I am also a big van of lynn von kersting. I was wondering if you could share the type of paints you are using that are eco friendly and non toxic? Also can you share the paint color that you used for your living room curtain rods? It is such a nice antiqued blue. I am looking to paint a large armoire and that looks to be the color that i am imagining. Thanks again and i look forward to reading more!

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